Talko is one of the student associations looking after the wellbeing and interests of business and sales students in HAAGA-HELIA. Talko is a Finnish abbreviation of Degree program in Economics and Business Administration now known as Degree program in Business Economics. Talko proudly represents also international Business Administration and Salesperson’s Degree programs. Talko is the student association of all business administration students in the Pasila campus.

Talko’s main purpose is to monitor and lobby the benefits of its members and organize events and services. By joining Talko, you automatically become member of BBA-student union TROL ry and gain access to TROL’s membership benefits as well. Talko’s close cooperation with TROL guarantees reliable information for its members about labour market and other essential aspects related to BBA degree. You can find more information about TROL from here.

An important part of Talko’s activities is to make sure the student enjoy during their studies, by providing relief from them in the form of exercise, possibilities, culture events, trips and parties.