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Beer pong -rules

Talko ry's official Beerpong rules, which are followed in every Beer Bong game played at a Talko event.

Beerpong is played in teams of 2 with two balls and there are 10 cups per team. There is water in the cups, i.e. during the games you can drink the drink of your choice from your own can / bottle / glass, etc. In the first round, the duration of the game is 30 minutes and if the game is not resolved by then then the winner is the team that has hit the most of the opponent's cups. At the end of the time, no leveling turn is played and the game ends at the current situation. After this, there is no time limit for further games to be played and the games are solved by playing for the win. 


THROWING: Throwing is always done from your side so that your elbow doesnot cross the table or is on the table. If the referee notices an elbow error, i.e. it istoo far above the table limit / on the table, the throw may be rejected.- Both members of the team throw every turn, ie not one player throws 2 balls at atime.

THROWING STYLE: You can throw either directly from the air in the traditionalway or if you want to challenge through the bounce.

BALL THROWS: When throwing through the bouncy, the opposing team mayrepel the throw by hitting the ball, etc.- If the ball enters with a bounce, 1 + 1 cups are removed from the table. The cupthat is hit and another one chosen by the throwing team.- A “bouncing” ball from the edge of the cup is not counted as a bounce, meaningthat only the cup that the ball hit will be removed.

BLOWING: Blowing is prohibited in all situations.

HITTING DIFFERENT CUPS: If both players hit different cups, the cups aretaken away, they get the balls back and a new turn to throw. During the newthrow, resulting from the return, the shape of the cups must not be changed, ie“re-racking” is not allowed.

HIT THE SAME CUP: If both players hit the same cup, 1 + 2 cups will beremoved from the table. When throwing balls into the same cup, you cannot getthe balls back, i.e. only by hitting different cups on the same throw can you getthe balls back.

TABLE LONG BACK: If the ball rolls back along the table and someone from thethrowing team catches it off the table or in the air before it hits the ground, thatball may be thrown again by the same thrower whose throw returned along thetable. This throw may only be a trick shot. The wrong / weaker hand is notcounted as a trick shot.

DISTURBING: Throwing can be “disrupted” by, for example, waving your handsor body, but only behind the table, and by no means on top of the cups! That is,the elbow rule also applies to this. Other means of disturbance are permitted ifthe judge deems them to be in accordance with good sportsmanship.

RE-RACKING: The re-rack can be done once in the game, whenever the teamwants. The cups are positioned according to the original locations.

ISLAND: If during the game a situation arises that there is a cup on the table thatdoes not touch any other cup, a so-called ‘‘ island ’’ appears. In the Islandsituation, each player can shout once throughout the game ‘‘island’’ to mark thecup active and tell other players that they are trying to hit that cup. After theshout, the player tries to throw into this lonely cup. If the player hits it, 1 + 2 cupswill leave the table. But, if the player hits a different cup after shouting ‘‘island’’than the solitary one, the throw is not counted at all and none of the cups areremoved. Island throws are permitted 1 per player per game if an island situationis formed on the table. If more than one island cup is formed, the player must tellwhich cup they intend to hit with their throw.

LEVELING: The game has a leveling turn for those who “lose”. That is, ifopponents throw in all the cups and the other team has one cup left, then one hitis enough to tie the game.- If there is more than one cup left, for example four, then the team must hiteither with two bounces, removing 1 + 1 and 1 + 1 = 4. Or both must throw intodifferent cups, get the balls back and hit again to level the playing field.

SUDDEN DEATH: After this leveling turn, a sudden death round may begin, i.e.the first hit wins. Sudden death will only occur if the “losing” team manages toequalize the game according to the rule above. The first throw-in-turn of thesudden death is for the team the ‘’won’’ first. And as said, here the first hit winsand after that the game is over.

JUDGES: The Talko Board members act as judges in the tournament and thedecisions they make in the games and the interpretation of the rules will resolveany situation in the event of any disagreement or ambiguity.
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