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Talko's most visible part to members is for sure it's events throughout the year. You can find events from club parties to cruises and from sitz to Talkometri-bar crawl. You can buy tickets to our events usually on, if not stated differently. Here are short descriptions from our most well-known events:


Back 2 Business
Talko organises the Back 2 Business (B2B) -party both during every Spring and every Fall, hence starting the semester with a bang. Traditionally, B2B is a no-coverall-party with a classier vibe, but a legendary party will be ensured by an amazing artist to entertain the crowd. 


Annual Gala

The Annual Gala is knowingly the year’s most glamorous and memorable event. The Annual Gala will be celebrated together with freshers and already graduated Talko members as well as other friends of the association and cooperation partners. 

During the night, a delicious three-course meal will be enjoyed together with sparkling drinks and dearest company. Traditionally, no guest leaves the gala with a dry mouth. During the night, speeches will be heard, and songs will be sang moderately while dining. 

The dress code for the event is a gala dress, which means a white tie or a dark lounge suit​ for men, and an evening gown for women. 

There’s always a limited amount of tickets for the annual galas, and the amount is designated by the size of the venue. Hence, signing up early to this event is suggested to ensure your entry. The tickets are traditionally cheaper for the Talko members.


Mushroom Hunt

Traditionally, Talko takes part in the Helga 8 day May day with it's Mushroom Hunt -event, where we also fight for the crown of Beer Pong!​ Mushroom Hunt collects the May day people together to hang out, barbeque, to enjoy fresh drinks, and to play different outdoor games. 

After the kings or queens of Beer pong have been found, sausages been eaten and the sun starts to set, the celebration usually continues until the morning so be ready to dance until your feet hurt! PS. Did you know that we have our official rules for Beer Pong on our website.


Talko's cruise

Talko's cruise is a cruise organized for Talko ry's members every semester. The idea is to spend time together at the sea and also to get to know other Talko members. The boat cruises from Helsinki to beautiful Stockholm where you get to spend the day. 

Talko's cruise is usually the highlight of the year and the party on the boat has been successful every time. Each cruise has its own theme, which is published with the event. Dressing up according to the theme is more than welcome and best costumes are usually gifted with a price. 

Please note that all passengers need to follow the cruise company's guidelines and age limits. Each person must carry a valid photo identification with them.


Sitz have become an important part of the culture in Talko and a way of reinforcing the BBA-identity. Sitz is an academic table party, which traditionally consist of eating well, singing and having speeches. Your own table group and other celebrators must be respected by obeying good manners, table etiquette, and the rules of the sitz. ​Sitz are one of the oldest student traditions practised in Finland. 

One of the traditional events that Talko has is the Fresher sitz, which is organized together with the board and Helga tutors. This event is targeted towards new students and who are Talko members. The purpose of the evens is to familiarize the new freshers with each other as well as to the customs of sitz. As the idea is to practice how everything works, the event will be more casual and will focus on learning the rules and customs.


It is recommended to bring your own beverages with you for example for toasting. Dress code: come as you are and coveralls. (if not mentioned otherwise). You can find our sitz etiquette guidelines on our website!



Talko organized a bar crawl (appros) for the first time ever in the fall of 2021 and after that has tried to regularise the event in our yearly event calender. The bar crawl is called "Talkometri" and it's usually held in September or October. 

Because the concept is fairly new, the event changes a lot. The goal is to develop and learn from every time. Could you come do the full bar crawl pass on our next bar crawl?


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