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Talko is the association for the business-, sales- and international business students in Haaga-Helia, and together with the Students of Business and Technology advocate the benefits of all the BBA students.

By joining Talko, you automatically become a member of the Students of Business and Technology and gain the right to utilize the member benefits of both the union and the association. Talko’s membership is valid until your graduation. 

Joining Talko is free, and in addition, a member has the opportunity to become a Gold level member of the Students of Business and Technology with only 19 € per year or alternatively, join the Black-level with an employment fund with 85 € per year.

The Silver-membership is free of charge and will be valid for 1,5 years after joining. 

Talko ry's memberships, event tickets and products can be found in one place;  in


You will get an invoice sent by mail for the annual fee of the Students of Business and Technology or alternatively get an e-invoice. 

What does Talko get from the memberships?

Talko operates as a nonprofit association in which all profits from ticket sales and other operations will be used for the benefit of our members for example as events. The more members Talko has, the better, bigger, and nicer events can be organized.

The number of members Talko has, defines the number of designated votes Talko has during the general assembly of the Students of Business and Technology. The more members Talko has, the better chances Talko has in influencing and advocating its members. 

The more members the Students of business and technology has, the better chanses it has to advocate all BBA-students. If you would like to know more about the influence of the Students of business and technology, you can find their website from here: 


Talko ry's member benefits

Talko offers its members many benefits including cheaper party tickets,  free excursions and other networking possibilities, different events such as Talko’s cruise, and discounts from partner restaurants.

Member benefits

  • Free beerpong-table rental

  • Coverall patches for a member price

  • Party tickets/other tickets for a member price

  • Talko's cruise for a member price

  • Excursions

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