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Haaga-Helia business students Talko ry

What is Talko ry?

Haaga-Helian liiketalouden opiskelijat Talko ry, more familiarly Talko, is one of the student associations operating in Haaga-Helia. Talko operates as an advocacy body for the business-, sales, and international BBA-students in Pasila campus. 

Talko ry’s operations

​The purpose of Talko is to operate as an advocacy body and community for the business-, sales-, and international business students in Haaga-Helia, and create events and services. Our mission is to create a collateral study environment and an enjoyable study life. Throughout the year Talko organizes many events which include for example parties, cruises, member nights, academic table parties (sitz), as well as excursions. 

Talko ry and Students of Business and Technology

Talko is one of the local associations of the Students of Business and Technology and operates with a close collaboration with the union. This guarantees our members a reliable information source for example in labour markets and in other relevant matters concerning the BBA-program. Please find more ore information about the Students of Business and technology and their offered member benefits here

Who manages Talko ry?

Talko ry’s operations are managed by a board consisting of eleven members, which composes of active members of the association. The board is elected for one year at a time in the associations statutory fall meeting. 


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