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Sitz etiquette

The ten golden rules of Talko's sitz

Partygoers are finding their own places, and before the event begins, they move to stand behind their designated seats. Everyone sits at the table at the toastmaster's initiation.

There are certain basic rules to be followed during the party. By adhering to these rules, you can avoid (at least likely) punishments, which are imposed by the toastmaster for any inappropriate behavior.

1. The toastmaster's word is law.
2. Be silent during the toastmaster's speech.
3. When someone is performing/giving a speech, be silent. You can request a turn to speak by raising your hand, after which you wait for the toastmaster's permission to speak. When given permission, stand up, introduce yourself, share your thoughts, or express your song preferences.
4. Do not leave the table without the toastmaster's permission – for example, going to the restroom, getting a drink, and other movements are carried
out during breaks. Toastmasters decide on breaks and their durations.
5. Keep your phone on silent.
6. Everyone should behave politely, especially towards their neighbors at the table.
7. When raising a toast (after songs), salute first to the right diagonal, then to the left diagonal, and finally straight ahead.
8. Applause is not done by clapping hands together; instead, applause is expressed by drumming hands on the table.
9. When the toastmaster or a guest is speaking, do not simultaneously partake in the table offerings. It's advisable to eat when you can. However, dehydration is generally not a concern at the party.
10. Sing, laugh, and have fun.

​There’s no need to worry if it takes a while to get on track with all of the rules, but do note that breaking the rules will result in a punishment sentenced by the Toastmaster. 

The Talko board wishes good sitz for everyone!​

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